The cashew tree is native to Brazil’s Amazon Rain Forest.  Cashews are most often eaten alone, blended into nut butters, added to salads and stir fry dishes, and blended into sauces such as curry.   

Cashews actually have a lower fat content than many other nuts and contain monounsaturated, heart healthy fats.  Their antioxidants content makes them even more cardio-protective.  Magnesium in cashews contributes to healthy bones and also assists in the regulation of nerve signals, blood pressure, and muscle contraction.

Lots of people avoid nuts because of their high fat and calorie content, but research shows that people who eat nuts at least twice per week are less likely to gain weight than those who barely ever consume nuts.    

Cashews will keep for about six months in the refrigerator, or for about a year in the freezer.  If you use cashews to make a sauce or butter, be sure to refrigerate that!  Cashew butter and curry are my two favorite uses for cashews!